August Ahrens Elementary School

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Meal Program

2017-2018 Free and Reduced Price Meal Applications

Go Online for Faster Results

Starting July 15, 2017 online applications will be available at


Please do not submit a paper application if an online application is submitted.


You must have a SchoolCafé account to apply online.


SchoolCafé provides a secure online system for parents to:

• Make online payments

    **There is a service fee of 5% of the deposit amount when making online payments

• Monitor account balances (set low balance alerts),

• Monitor student’s buying history, and

• Apply for free and reduced price meal benefits.


There is no cost to set up, monitor student’s account, and apply for meal benefits.


Once you access the online application site at, it will take you to SchoolCafé link.


If you have an existing SchoolCafé account, sign in and apply. If you don’t have an account, please register.


How to Register for SchoolCafé:

1. Click on [Register] or [Create An Account].

2. Select [“I’m registering as a parent”]. Click on Next.

3. School District - Type [“Hawaii”].

4. Select [HI-HAWAII DOE]. Click on Next.

5. Enter your First Name, Last Name and contact information. Click on Next.

6. Set up username and password.

7. Select and answer security question. Click on Next.

8. Add your Student – Enter your child’s Student ID number and select school.

• ID number can be found on the report card or by contacting your child’s school.

Meal Payments

The school community has decided that all payments must be made in CASH ONLY.  No checks will be accepted.  Envelopes are available at the school office or you may use your own.  Please be sure to include the exact amount as the front office does not have change available.   The sealed envelope is to be turned into the school office Monday - Friday (excluding State Holidays) during the normal business hours of 7:30am to 4:00pm.


The following information MUST be labeled on the OUTSIDE of the sealed envelope:

1. Student's first and last name;

2. Grade;

3. Classroom number;

4. Teacher's name; and

5. Amount depositing (if multiple students please indicate how much per child)


Incomplete information may delay proper crediting to your child's account.  Payments must be received by the office by 2:30pm to be processed and credited on the same day. 

Low and Negative Balances
Meal balance reminders are sent home weekly with students for accounts equal to or less than $15.00.  Students with negative account balances may receive daily notification including phone calls, emails, and written reminders until their account reflects a positive balance. After seven (7) consecutive attempts to notify parent, students with negative balances equal to or greater than $-17.50 may not be able to purchase school lunch. If a payment cannot be made, please contact the office at 307-7203 or send a home lunch and drink for the child.
This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Payment Chart
For Updated Meal Balances
Call the Office at
(808) 307- 7203