Principal’s Message

Dear AAES Ohana,
Welcome back to another exciting, learning-filled school year! The goal for this school year is to ensure that our “School Design” effort continues to afford all students with opportunities to grow academically, socially and emotionally. 
Our mission at August Ahrens Elementary School (AAES) is to design learning opportunities for your child that is engaging, enriching and rigorous.  Recognizing that student engagement has a tremendous impact on learning, we have begun exploring ways to incorporate "student voice" in our school design process. In other words, they share with us what they would like to learn and why.
At AAES, we strive to maintain a learning environment that is safe, caring and nurturing.  Furthermore, we want AAES to be a place that fosters special-friendship making and memorable experiences that build with each successive year. 
Everyone at AAES is committed and dedicated to the mission of helping each child reach his/her full potential as a person.  We have only a finite amount of time to be partners in educating and preparing every child for an ever-changing and challenging world.  We appreciate your efforts in getting your child to school daily and ready to learn. Let’s continue to work together to ensure every child is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to progress towards becoming college and career ready. 
Thank you very much for your continued support with our educational mission!  Together we Aspire, Adapt, Excel and Serve to make a difference by striving to change each child’s life trajectory with education.
Hanh Nguyen