Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) was created here at AAES to work with the school's administration and teachers to ensure that each student's potential becomes reality. We do so by engaging the family and community through fundraising efforts to support programs and activities that lack school funding, such as sports, libraries, facilities, and family fun days.
Elected Officers at AAES PTO meeting on 9/7/2017
PTO Officers: Secretary Marissa Noury, Treasurer Gayleen Balais, Parent Liason Lani Bayudan, Vice President Reymalyne "ReyRey" Hogan, President Grace Beltran and AAES Principal Hanh Nguyen
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Grace Beltran, President
Reymalyne Hogan, Vice President
Janelle Bailey, Secretary
Gayleen Balais, Treasurer